Say bye bye to dropped connectivity and dead zones. The NETGEAR EAX80 WiFi 6 Mesh Extender extends the best WiFi signal strength and gives you fastest speeds to every part of your home, even in unreachable places.Netgear EAX80 is the most powerful wifi ever and provide you more 4X capacity to extend the range with high internet speed. You can easily do a Netgear EAX80 setup to enjoy its services. You can get full information for setup of Netgear EAX80 extender here.

Netgear EAX80 is more better in coverage for the smart home. This extender is compatible for all you smart devices installed in smart home like arlo camera, garage door opener, alexa and any device which is wifi supported. Netgear Nighthawk AX8 has less congestion and more bandwidth. You will get four gigabit Ethernet ports for wired drvice like smart TV and playstations. EAX80 wifi extender gives you 6 speeds of up to 6Gbps extended throughout your home.

Netgear EAX80 setup AX6000 Manual Method

Setup your Netgear EAX80 Mesh WiFi 6 with your existing wifi router and get extend coverage of network with good internet speed. Netgear AX8 setup is given below:

  • Keep your Netgear EAX80 extender near to existing wifi router.
  • Plug it to the power socket and wait until power light solid green
  • Now open a web browser on any laptop or computer

Note: Open an Incognito window of browser like chrome Incognito browser because it’s not pick any cache and good to do Netgear Nighthawk EAX80 AX6000 Setup.

  • Type mywifiext on search bar
  • Now Netgear EAX80 login page is opened
  • Enter default username and password then hit henter
  • The Netgear smart setup wizard will displays

Follow the on screen instruction to run the extender with your existing wifi router. That’s how you can able to connect it securely after all done, you can place the extender anywhere you want and enjoy the hustle free internet.

Netgear EAX80 Setup with WPS button on extender

There is one more method to do Netgear EAX80 setup very easily. You have to follow some simple steps to complete the Netgear extender setup using WPS push button

  • Turn on Netgear AX6000 EAX80 Nighthawk wifi mesh extender
  • Press the WPS button after power light lit up
  • After 1 to 2 minutes push the WPS button on the router
  • Now WPS indicator goes solid green

Once all four indicators are solid green on your Netgear EAX80 AX8 wifi extender, it shows your extender is setup with WPS method.